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Guest Information

There are limited parking spots behind the Club on a first-come/first-serve basis. They are available Monday-Friday until 4:00pm when valet becomes effective. We offer valet service Monday-Friday beginning at 4:00pm. We also offer parking validation at the 100 Clarendon Garage and the Back Bay Garage.

As is written in our House Rules, members and guests are expected to dress in clothing that is appropriate to their activity, clean and in good condition.

In the Dining Room: Monday through Friday 5pm, access to the Dining Room shall be restricted to those complying with the Club's "Casual Business Attire" requirement. The following are appropriate Casual Business styles of dress for men, women and children: A jacket is not required but is always acceptable; Slacks, pressed and tailored, including khakis and dress corduroys of any fabric excluding denim; Sweaters, cardigans and vests; Button-down shirts, knit golf or polo shirts with collar, turtlenecks, sport shirts with collar and banded-collar shirts; Appropriate business footwear.

Expressly excluded from "Casual Business Attire" are the following: Shorts of any kind; Athletic shoes and casual sandals or flip-flops; Sweat shirts, sweat pants or jogging suits; Halter tops or dresses; Denim of any type or in any color, including dresses, shirts, skirts, vests and/or slacks; Spandex or Lycra garments; T-shirts, tank tops or crop tops; baseball caps or other headwear.

After 5:00pm on Fridays & During Saturday Brunch: The Casual Business requirement is relaxed and more casual. Denim and sneakers in good repair are permitted, however, even on Saturday certain items are still unacceptable including athletic attire, shorts, baseball caps, and T-shirts.

On any day where there is a winter weather emergency, or other seasonally severe weather emergency, the applicable dress code will be automatically be the more casual Saturday dress code.

Tap Room/Function Rooms: These areas shall be restricted to those complying with the Club's "Smart Casual". Smart Casual is the same as the Dining Room's "Casual Business Attire", but permits the wearing of denim and non-business footwear.

Like the Dining Room, expressly prohibited include: T-shirts, tank tops or crop tops; baseball caps or other headwear, and shorts. Tap Room summer dress code permits 'dress/golf' shorts, sandals, and 'dress' t-shirts between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Sleeveless shirts for men and bare midriff attire for women and hats are not permitted.

Those members and their guests, not in compliance with the applicable Dining Room or Tap Room Dress Code will be denied service in the Dining Room and Tap Room but may avail themselves of food and/or beverage service in the Athletic Lounges.

All electronic devices must be set to "silent" or vibrate mode inside the Club. Audible use of devices, including making and receiving phone calls, is permitted only in the following areas: the Business Lounge, Locker Rooms, Locker Room Foyer, Rear Stairwell, and President's Hallway. If you receive a call, please promptly relocate to an approved area. Phone calls are not permitted to be made or taken in the Main Lobby, Dining Room, or Tap Room. Tablets, laptops, and e-readers may not be used in the Dining Room or Tap Room during food service hours.

Subject to these restrictions, and provided the use is minimal, silent, and respectful to other members/guests, these devices and other handheld electronics may be used throughout the Club.

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